The 17th HPC Connection Workshop
@ SC17

The HPC Connection Workshop is an international High-Performance Computing event committed to the exploration of new applications, innovations, and analysis in the emerging fields of science and engineering.

Aimed to inspire application innovations in artificial intelligence, the major theme of this year’s Workshop will be Exascale HPC & AI. Renowned scholars and professionals will exchange ideas among highly interdisciplinary fields and discuss cutting-edge technologies and strong synergies in supercomputing and artificial intelligence .

The Workshop speakers will present the latest developments, ideas, findings, and challenges for China, USA, EU Exascale HPC efforts, and the AI ML/DL resurgence. This workshop offers an excellent  opportunity to meet the global scholars, technical researchers, and experts, all in one place in one afternoon.  

Exascale HPC & AI

Time: November 15, 2017 Address: 2A, Third Floor, Embassy Suites by Hilton Denver Downtown

13:30 Registration

Convergence of HPC, BD and AI.  Challenges and Achievements

Dr. Depei Qian
Professor, Beihang University, Sun Yatsen University. Director of National Key Project on HPC & High-Tech R&D Program
14:30 Integrating Simulation, Data Analysis and Deep Learning in Science and Engineering Applications Dr. Rick Stevens
Associate Laboratory Director at Argonne National Laboratory
15:00 Opportunity and Challenge for Tianhe-2 System Dr. Yutong Lu
Professor, Sun Yatsen University
Director, National Supercomputing Center in Guangzhou
15:30 Towards the New Frontiers of HPC & AI Dr. Thomas Sterling
Professor, Director of Center for Research in Extreme Scale Technologies, Indiana University
16:00 Coffee Break
16:15 US Exascale Computing Program Dr. Doug Kothe
US DOE Director of Exascale Computing Project Oak Ridge National Laboratory
16:45 Facing the AI Computing Challenge Dr. Leijun Hu
Vice President, Inspur
17:15 EU Exascale Computing Projects Jean-Pierre Panziera
ETP4HPC Chairman European Technology Platform for High-Performance Computing
17:45 Designing Next Generation Deep Learning Algorithms Dr. Anshumali Shrivastava
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Rice University
18:15 Deep Learning Framework and Applications on Sunway TaihuLight Dr. Haohuan Fu
Associate Professor, Tsinghua University Deputy Director, National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi


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