About the Preliminary Round

In the preliminary round, each team is required to submit a set of documents that include a proposal, optimized source code files and output files (detailed requirements specified in Appendix A). Furthermore, the proposal should be written in English, and will be reviewed by the ASC evaluation committee.

Submission Guidelines

All teams should submit their assignment make their submissions to [email protected] before 8:00 AM, March 3th, 2019(UTC/GMT +8:00). A confirmation letter for your submission will be sent to you by email. The submission should include the following items:
a)    The proposal file (in .docx or .pdf format), named with the university or college name and the contact person name (e.g. AAAUniversity_BBB.docx).
b)    The additional files should be compressed into one file (e.g. AAAUniversity_BBB.zip, other compression formats are also OK). The compressed file should at least include 4 folders (detailed requirements specified in Appendix A):

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