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  • ASC18 top 20 finalists announced, will compete on pioneering AI, NASA and Nobel prize winning applications.
    The ASC 2018 Student Supercomputer Challenge finalist were announced on March 20, 2018. Twenty of the 300+ enrolled teams around the world including: Tsinghua University-China, Friedrich-Alexander, Erlangen-Nuremberg University- Germany, Saint Petersburg State University – Russia, University of Miskolc – Hungary, Texas A&M University – USA, and Hong Kong Baptist University, will compete from May 5 to 9, 2018 in the final round at Nanchang University. The 20 finalists will design and build supercomputers up to 3,000 Watts, solve exceptionally difficult problems in AI reading comprehension, perform RELION optimization as a core application of the Nobel winning cryo-electron microscopy, and utilize CFL3D, HPL, and HPCG. MORE


ASC18 Timeline *

January 15

Team Registration Deadline

January 16 Preliminary Competition Notification
January 30

Opening Ceremony

January 30-31


March 13

Preliminary Competition Proposal Deadline

March 20

Preliminary Competition Results Announcement

May 5-9

Final Competition

* subject to change





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