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As the impact of ASC continuously increasing, we receive more and more applications for being the host of ASC. All appliers are highly appreciated. Please compose an application letter with all aspects bellow and return to We will reply you in three business days. The first round selection for ASC16 host will be held no earlier than Sep. 2016.

  1. About your university
    For example: name, website, history, schools, and the accumulation on HPC
  2. About you
    For example: Name, email, telephone, mobile, title, experiences on HPC, work years in this university, whether or not can reach the head of your university and obtain enough supports
  3. Supports for the ASC final
    • The contest platform
      For example: the peakpeformance, brand, general specification of your supercomputer that can be used as the contest platform.
    • Hotel
      The hotel supports for finalists, observtors, committees, media etc.( the total person for ASC14 final is ~ 150 then with 7 days, the host paid for 10350 nights hotel). Then how many hotel days you can cover? The hotel will three star above or just the student dormitory?
    • Meal
      The meal for all the people attend the final (for ASC 160 persons 7 days (3meals a day), the host paid for 150*7*3=3150 meals). Then how many meals you can cover, each meal supposed to be >$10.
    • The transportation.
      Each day, at least two buses are needed for the transportation of the finalists, 5 cars for the experts, and one bus for the media persons. Then how many cars you can cover?
    • Media support
      . Which media you will be able to invite to report our ASC? Who they are?
    • Volunteers
      For finalists, observtors, committees, media, event organizing, guests helping. The host of ASC14 provide 235 volunteers with certain uniforms. How about your volunteers?
    • The space.
      In ASC14, we have the entire floor with 20 rooms involved for the final, among which the contest room is 20*20 meter^2 and have equiped necessary stuff for the contest. Some interview room and living rooms also need. Not forget the hall for the closing ceremony. Do you have the suitable space and will be able to cooperate to adjust the room if needed?
    • Event organizing.
      Do you have the professional event organizing supports? Please describe.
    • International traval.
      Can you be able to provide the necessary supports for the related pepole to obtain visa if needed?
    • Transportation
      Can you cover all or part the transportation of the finalists and other related person? If yes, how many you can cover?
  4. Any other things the ASC can be benefited, if you serve as the host?



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