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  • May 25th, The application for ASC16 host kicks off. Check out here
  • May 22th,Tsinghua University Won the Overall Champion of ASC15. National University of Defense Technology was Silver Winner, Nanyang Technological University from Singapore gained Highest LINPACK, Sun Yat-sen University obtained e Prize Award. Application Innovation Awards were taken by Tsinghua University, National University of Defense Technology, National Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Best Presentation went to Taiyuan University of Technology.
  • Mr. Cixin Liu (author of Three Body) shoot a video for this ceremony. Also, Dr. Pieter Christiaan Broekema(Researcher High-Performance Computing at ASTRON, Task leader Compute Platform Square Kilometre Array,Science Data Processor)
  • May 20th, Nanyang Technological University won the best Linpack with 11.92 TFlops/s, 18% better than the world record,
  • and surpassed Tsinghua Univ team with 0.03 TFlops/s.

  • May. 17th The ASC15 final kicks off
  • The entire Taiyuan City celebrates ASC15

  • Finalists prepare for the final

  • May. 10th Peek on the ASC15's venue.
  • Apr.24, want to be the host of next ASC? Check out here.
  • Apr. 22, to all finalists. Please share your filghts info to before May 5th. Then we can arrange the pick-up service for your team.
  • Apr. 22, to all ASC15 teams. Your team is welcomed to observe the final. We cover the hotels for the first two participants from your team and will issue the award you got from ASC15 during the final. Please provide the name, mobile, gender, T-shirt size, arriving date, and leaving date for each of your team member to observe the final to before May 4th.
  • Apr. 20, to all finalists. The sildes of the final rules conference have been emailed.
  • Apr.15, The finalists announcement ceremony has concluded with great success.
  • Apr.10, The finalists announcement ceremony will be held on Apr.14 at Tsinghua Univ.
  • Apr.3th, The notifications of the final has been emailed to all finalists.
  • ......More
    • Mar. 25th, The results of the preliminary contest announced.
    • Finalists:

      The Chinese University of Hong Kong (China Hong Kong)
      Beihang University (China Mainland)
      National Tsing Hua University (China Taiwan)
      Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
      Shanghai Jiaotong University (China Mainland)
      Zhejiang university (China Mainland)
      Tsinghua University (China Mainland)
      Taiyuan University of Technology (China Mainland)
      Northwestern Polytechnical University (China Mainland)
      Shandong University (China Mainland)
      National University of Defense Technology (China Mainland)
      Sun Yat-sen University (China Mainland)
      University of Miskolc (Hungary)
      Ural Federal University (Russia)
      Kasetsart University (Thailand)
      Boston Green Team (MIT, Boston University, Northeast University, U.S.)

    • Prizes of Excellence are issued to:
    • King Abdulaziz University (Saudi Arabia)
      University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (China Mainland)
      Hunan University (China Mainland)
      China Ocean University of China (China Mainland)
      Hong Kong Baptist University (China Hong Kong)
      Nanjing University of Science and Technology (China Mainland)
      South China University of Technology (China Mainland, Jie Wang)
      South China University of Technology (China Mainland, Zongze Wu)
      Dalian University of Technology (China Mainland)
      Harbin Institute of Technology (China Mainland)
      The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (China Hong Kong)
      Shanghai University (China Mainland)
      Tianjin University (China Mainland)
      Saint Petersburg State University (Russia)
      Wuhan University of Technology (China Mainland)
      Institut Teknologi Bandung (The Republic of Indonesia)
      Shenzhen University (China Mainland)
      Chang'an University (China Mainland)
      Chongqing University of Technology (China Mainland, Juting Jin)
      Xi'an Jiao Tong University (China Mainland)
      Telkom University (The Republic of Indonesia)
      The PLA Information Engineering University (China Mainland, Wang Hanbang)
      University of Colorado (U.S.)
      University of Sao Paulo (Brazil)
      China University of Mining and Technology (China Mainland)
      University Putra Malaysia (Malaysia)
      Jamia Millia Islamia (Republic of India)
      Nanchang University (China Mainland)
      The PLA Information Engineering University (China Mainland, Qi Hongyuan)
      Jinan University (China Mainland)
      Guangdong University of Technology (China Mainland)
      Anhui University (China Mainland)
      Chongqing University of Technology (China Mainland, Linfeng Yang)
      Chongqing University of Technology(China Mainland, Zhenwei Zhang)
      Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications (China Mainland)
      Southwest University of Science and Technology (China Mainland)


    • Prize of Proud are issued to
    • Air Force Engineering University (China Mainland)
      Beijing Normal University (China Mainland)
      Beijing University of Chemical Technology (China Mainland)
      Central South University (China Mainland)
      Chengdu University (China Mainland)
      Chengdu University of Information Technology (China Mainland)
      Chengdu University of Technology (China Mainland)
      Chongqing University (China Mainland)
      College of William & Mary (U.S.)
      Communication University of China (China Mainland)
      Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany)
      Fudan University (China Mainland)
      Fuzhou University (China Mainland)
      Guangdong Engineering Polytechnic (China Mainland)
      Guizhou Normal College (China Mainland)
      Guizhou Normal University (China Mainland)
      Hainan University (China Mainland)
      Henan Normal University (China Mainland)
      Henan Polytechnic University (China Mainland)
      Hohai University (China Mainland)
      HuangHuai University (China Mainland)
      Huaqiao University (China Mainland)
      Huazhong University of Science and Technology (China Mainland)
      Hubei University of Technology (China Mainland)
      Hunan Agricultural University (China Mainland)
      Hunan Agricultural University (China Mainland)
      Illinois Institute of Technology (U.S.)
      Information Engineering University (China Mainland)
      Inner Mongolia University of Technology (China Mainland)
      Institute of Computing Technology (China Mainland)
      Jiangsu University (China Mainland)
      Jiangsu University of Science and Technology (China Mainland)
      John Monash Science School (Australia)
      King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia)
      Leiden University (Holland)
      Louisiana State University (U.S.)
      Ludong University (China Mainland)
      Luzhou Medical College (China Mainland)
      Marquette University (U.S.)
      Nanjing Agriculture University (China Mainland)
      Nanjing Normal University (China Mainland)
      Nanjing University (China Mainland)
      Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (China Mainland)
      Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology (China Mainland)
      National Central University (China Taiwan)
      Ningbo University (China Mainland)
      North University of China (China Mainland)
      Northeast Forestry University
      Northeastern University (China Mainland)
      Northwest University (China Mainland)
      Rice University (U.S.)
      Saitama Institute of Technology (Japan)
      Shenyang University of Technology (China Mainland)
      Sichuan Agricultural University (China Mainland)
      Sichuan University (China Mainland)
      Sidra Medical and Research Center (Qatar)
      Software Sustainability Institute (England)
      Soochow University (China Mainland)
      Southeast University (China Mainland)
      Southeastern Louisiana University (U.S.)
      Southern Methodist University (U.S.)
      Texas Tech University (U.S.)
      Third Military Medical University (China Mainland)
      Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)
      Tongji University (China Mainland)
      University Colorado + Purdue (U.S.)
      University of Bordeaux (France)
      University of California (U.S.)
      University of Houston-Clear Lake (U.S.)
      University of Limpopo (South Africa)
      University of Oklahoma  (U.S.)
      University of Tennessee  (U.S.)
      Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University  (U.S.)
      Willamette University (U.S.)
      Wuhan Textile University (China Mainland)
      Wuhan University (China Mainland)
      Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications (China Mainland)
      Xi'an University of Technology (China Mainland)
      Xiangtan University (China Mainland)
      Xidian University (China Mainland)
      Xinyang Normal University (China Mainland)

      The final notice will be issued to the finalist team shortly.


    • The final notice will be issued to the finalist team shortly.

    • Mar. 18th. ASC15 Q&A Update. Please pay special attention to those questions in red.
    • Mar.11th. Question and Answer updates.
    • Mar. 10th. As the approaching of the due date (Mar 19th) for the preliminary contest, most of our ASC15 teams have been

      working hard for the proposal. Fortunately, the Nanyang Technological University team generously agree to share their

      proposal for ASC14. Please note that the proposal is only for ASC reference with all right reserved. Download here.

    • Feb.13th. Only one team from each university could enter the final, if we have more than one team from the same university.
    • Feb.13th. So far, the committee has received 30+ questions per the preliminary round. Here we shared all of our answers.

      Witnessed by 200+ ASC15ers, the logo, Try Different, lighted. This symbolized the official launching of ASC15.


    • The Beijing orientation concluded with great success. 35+ teams and 100+ team members attended.
    • Jan 22, 2015, Self check needed. If any item bellow is NO, please contact before Jan 25.


    • Jan 20, 2015: Please install Wechat and live contact with ASC15 commitee.
    • The invitations of orientation and launching ceremony sent out. If you have not received, please contact us.
    • The accounts of remote cluster sent.
    • The preliminary contest notifications have been sent to the registered team. If you have not received, please contact us.
    • The contestants list announced.
    • Roadshowed at Chengdu, CN
    • Roadshowed at Xian, CN
    • Roadshowed at Fuzhou, CN
    • Roadshowed at Guangzhou, CN
    • Contest Questions Wanted
    • Roadshowed at Melbourne, AU
    • Roadshowed at Nanjing, CN)
    • ASC15 registration opens.
    • Roadshowed on SC (New Orleans,US)
    About ASC 15
    1. All universities around the world are welcomed to register
    2. A few exhibitors will be invited for the sponsors
    3. The application optimization question will be collected openly
    4. Awards:
      • The first 50 regitered team will get a Tianhe-2 MIC card for FREE.
      • The first 50 regitered team will get a MIC book for FREE.
    5. All registered teams will win the register awards

      All preliminary contest teams will win the proud team awards, GPU/MIC online trainning accounts, and three members can observe the finals (the committee covers accommodation) except they will win other awards.

      All final contest teams will win the first awards, and 6 members can attend the finals (the committee covers accommodation) except they will win other awards including the champion, the runner-up, the best Linpack, the best MIC optimization, the best application awards.


    Supports needed

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    We also have the videos posted online.


    To download the high resolution video please check here and click the blue button on the page.

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