Time Line

  1. Jan. 15th, Notifications of Preliminary Contest released
  2. Jan. 27-28th, Orientation
  3. Jan. 27th Launching Ceremony
  4. Mar.19th Proposal submission dues


To all ASC15 teams and followers,

The ASC15 has successfully received 152 team' registrations worldwide. We do thank your supports and passion. As for the Preliminary Contest, key messages are listed below.



Please submit the proposal and other required files before the Time II, any overdue submission will be treated as taking the initiative to give up.


Proposal and other required files can be only submitted once.


ASC Committee will send University/Institute confirmation Letter through E-mail within 24 hours after we receive the Preliminary Contest Proposal, please contact us to if the confirmation letter is not well delivered.


The regulation and login method for the remote cluster will be sent to each team later, please stay alert.

Technical support:;


Share you team video (prefer with English subtitle) to, if you have not do so. The video can show team members working together; Shout out the slogan loudly (in local language); Significant locations of the university; Determination and feeling about the competition; Encouragement among teammates; Arrangement and communication of the team ; The advisor's summary of the preparation and expectations; Anything else to show your team. 


The detailed notifications shall be only shared within ASC community.
We wish you the success at ASC15.

ASC15 committee
Jan, 2015


Contest questions (detailed version only share to registered teams)

I. A brief background description of the university`s or the department`s supercomputing activities (5 points)

II. Introduction of the Team (5 points)

III. Technical proposal requirements (90 points)

1. Design of your HPC system (15 points)

2. HPCC Test (15 points)

3. The NAMD Test (20 points)

4. Optimization of the Gridding program on the CPU+MIC Platform (40 points)



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