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Dec 20th, 2013 registration due

Feb 27th, 2014, proposal submission due (preliminary challenge)

Apr. 21 - 25, 2014, final challenge




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Quantum Espresso

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ASC 14 weekly (2014.02.02)

1. Frequently asked questions summary

Q1: Is down? when will it be back u?

From: University of Colorado, Southeast University
Answer: The platform IP address has been changed to We have send the IP change notice to your email, please re-check it.

Q2: I am trying to run 3D EW questions on the remote server. However, I find that there require password in native mode.

From: Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Answer: The platform is for offload mode only and we do not provide native mode. For 3D EW questions you should adopt offload mode.   

We sincerely appreciate the Universities who sent us the questions and we welcome more Universities interconnection with us. Any question related to the challenge can be sent to the E-mail address: and, we will manage the expertise to provide the answers as soon as possible.

2. Quick News

Four more Universities from both Domestic China and Oversee have successfully registered to the ASC 14

Universidad Central de Venezuela

Ural Federal University

Fudan University (Shanghai)

Beijing University of Chemical Technology (Beijing)

By Jan 27th ASC 14 candidates has increased to 82 teams

3. Cluster time use statistics


ASC 14 weekly (2014.01.10)

Dear all ASC14 teams,

Welcom the ASC14 teams coming from A E N S and A. The preliminary contest has started within this week, and we are pleased to send the ASC14 fresh news to you.

We are also welcome all teams send their intersting news to us.

Top 10 login time leader of MIC testing Cluster

Frequently asked questions summary:

Q1For the third part: “proposed design of the system architecture”, some teams asked whether we can choose some components that are not in configuration list, such as GPU. Is the configuation list just a recommend list or mandatory list?

AYes, the configuation list is just a recommend list. You can choose GPU, accelerators card, memory and hard disk for the proposed. However CPU and server can’t be changed.

Q2About “design and Optimization of 3D-EW on CPU+MIC platform” section, someone asked for the statement “fwrite(up+169*ny*nx,sizeof(float),ny*nx,fout)” , Whether to guarantee the input of “nz” must be greater than 170.

AYes,“nz” is the input parameter. For all the workloads, the value of nz is greater than 170.

Q3About login compile node with NFS server time inconsistency problem .

AWe have fixed this bug, thank you very much for University of the Western Cape team.


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