Key Date

Dec 20th, 2013 registration due

Feb 27th, 2014, proposal submission due (preliminary challenge)

Apr. 21 - 25, 2014, final challenge




Preliminary Contest

Quantum Espresso

source code

3D-EW result
verification code

3D-EW testing

LICOM source code
and workload




Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Benefits from this challenge

Promote the fundamental and applicable technology; improve students' ability to tackle actual problems; motivate student' interests to study supercomputing; meet with international peers, and probably find their next step to higher education or explore job opportunities.

Q2. Registration Fees

There are none.

Q3. When and where

The preliminary contest will be held in late Feb with the submission of the proposal through email.

The final challenge will be held in Mid Apr. The qualified teams are required to deploy a cluster, conduct Linpack, conduct applications, and present results in Sun Yat-sen University.

Q4. Procedure

Register -> Submit proposal -> Proposal rank -> Final challenge -> Award

Q5. Is it required to register before submit the proposal


Q6. How to register

Fill in the registration form, stamp it, and email it back to the committee before Dec, 2013.

Q7. When to submit the proposal

The deadline to submit the proposal is in Febuary. Once the committees confirm the registration, you will be given (alongside other teams) the information of the preliminary contest.

Q8. Registration due date

Dec. 20th, 2013.

Q9. Is it possible to have more than one team from a university

No, one university can only have one team.

Q10. The composition of a team

A team includes five students and an advisor.

Q11. How many teams can one advisor supervise

One advisor can only supervise one team.

Q12. Is it possible to have team member(s) from a Department other than Computer Science

Yes. But the team members must be undergraduate students.

Q13. When will the teams qualified for the final challenge be announced

Late Feb.

Q14. What happens during the final challenge

High Performance Linpack; and three applications; one MIC application; and presentation.

Q15. Where to find the application examples and software

The committee will announce the related application instrcutions, and encourage teams to find related application themselves. During the final challenge, the committee will provide the unified application workload.

Q16. Does the committee provide certain technical supports

The committee and INSPUR will provide exercise clusters to the qualified teams. Two experts will provide the technical support. More details can be obtained from the committee later.

Q17. What is the arrangement of the final challenge

The hardware will be provided by INSPUR. The qualified teams should arrive at the venue one day before the challenge in order to install, debug and so on. Before the final challenge, the committee will announce the unified application workload. The final ranking will be made by the score of each item. (Subsequently informed)

Q18. Any other way(s) to find information on the challenge

Please contact the committees, check the official web & event weibo (Chinese twitter), or local INSPUR employees

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