Student training is one of the most important tasks of universities. Student training should not be limited in the classroom, but should be further explored in practice, including contests. This is why Europe and America pay great attention to the student contests, especially on supercomputing, for instance student cluster challenges in SC and ISC. However, in Asia, utill now, no such student cluster challenge has been held so far. This time, we need you support to make this happen.


Why Supercomputing

A supercomputer is a computer at the frontline of current processing capacity, particularly speed of calculations. Supercomputing includes, but does not limit to hardware (cluster), software, and the applications, which are high calculation-intensive tasks such as problems including,

  • quantum physics,
  • weather forecasting,
  • climate research,
  • oil and gas exploration,
  • molecular modeling (computing the structures and properties of chemical compounds, biological macromolecules, polymer, and crystals),
  • physical simulations (such as simulation of airplanes in wind tunnels, simulation of the detonation of nuclear weapons, and research into nuclear fusion).

Supercomputing relates to the department of Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Meteorology, and Finance and so on.

Why Student Cluster Challenge

The Student Cluster Challenge is widely taken as an opportunity to showcase student expertise in a friendly, yet spirited competition. In this challenge, students demonstrate their incredible capabilities of state-of- the-art supercomputing hardware, software, and applications. It not only introduces the next generation of the supercomputing community, but also inspires the direction of supercomputing development. Hence, the challenge brings a victory for many sides.

For universities, this challenge is an opportunity for

  • public exposure
  • showing university culture
  • training ability demonstration
  • attracting international talents

For students, this challenge is an opportunity for

  • intense hands-on training
  • true case studies
  • acquainting with international peers
  • exposure to higher education organizations
  • exposure to job providers

For the society, this challenge is an opportunity for

  • stimulating the development of new technology
  • probabilize sustainable economy
  • international understanding and communication
  • educate the next generation
  • enhance the supercomputing community

Why Asia Student Cluster Challenge

The global GDP statistics and prediction. (Courtesy Ernst & Young Global Limited)

Since 2000, the remarkable GDP growth rate in Asian countries has topped the globe. To maintain this rate, Aisan governments are already noting the importance of developing new and advanced technology. Supercomputing, as one of the frontier information technologies, should definitely not be underestimated. However, in this domain, Asia needs more attention. The total shares of Asian supercomputers in Top 500 are less than 10% shown in the figurebelow.

Unfortunately, in Asia, utill now, no student cluster challenge has been held so far, contrary to the popular attention in America and Europe, for instance student cluster challenges in SC and ISC.

There’s no doubt that we need to take action and need to do so now.

Who Are We

The Asia student cluster challenge (ASC) committee is composed of organizers, scientists, and government officials. The committee members list is attached. We expect and welcome more international scientists and governors to join this committee.

What has been accomplished

1. In 2012, Tsinghua University won the Overall Award in ISC12 student cluster competition

2. In 2012, National University of Defense Technology won the LINPACK Award in ISC12 student cluster competition

3. In 2012, National University of Defense Technology won the LINPACK Award in SC12 student cluster competition

4. The 1st Chinese University Student Cluster Competition,with 30 teams participating.


Support needed


Utill now, we have attracted sponsorships from industries, such as INSPUR and INTEL. More funding and sponsorships are highly encouraged.

Public Relationship

  • International TV report
  • International Web report
  • International Print Media

Key date

Jan 25, 2013 registration due

Mar 7, 2013, proposal submission due (preliminary challenge)

Apr 14-19, 2013, final challenge




Preliminary Contest

The Finals Notice



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Finals Program

Contact Us

ASC13 Committee member

Dr. Qing (Kitty) Ji

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